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Morag Stewart


Chris Young


Kayleigh MacLennan


Morag Stewart is a veteran television, film and radio producer with 35 years experience working in Gaelic broadcasting and has worked extensively as a researcher, presenter, writer and producer on a wide range of programmes including the highly successful Dòtaman and Mìre Mara. Her training experience includes tutoring at SMO, teaching for the TV Trust PG Diploma, and as director of Youth Broadcasting trust, she has led many initiatives in training young Gaelic speakers in communication and broadcasting skills, including workshops in schools across Scotland.

Chris Young is one of Scotland's most experienced film producers. Through his production company Young Films he has developed and produced 7 feature films (Venus Peter, Prague, Gregory's Two Girls, The Final Curtain, Festival, Seachd and the Inbetweeners Movie) which have won many awards and been shown widely around the world. Chris has also produced several one-off dramas for UK TV, and most recently produced The Inbetweeners, a highly successful  comedy  for E4/Channel 4.  In 2011, Chris produced The Inbetweeners Movie, which is said to be the most successful British comedy in cinema history.

Kayleigh is our main researcher at Sealladh. She has a BA degree in Gaelic and Media Studies and came top of her Diploma in Gaelic Media Class in 2009.  Since graduating Kayleigh has worked on a variety of programmes within various television production companies.  She specialises in research, project management and co-ordinating, camera operating and training workshops for schools.

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