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In personal and candid accounts four women tell how they helped their families deal with life-threatening illness, and death.

Nannie Kearney from Barra and Gina MacDonald from Uist tell how they coped with a loved one’s Alzheimers, Marion MacKay from Sleat tells of her fears when her young son was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, and Ann Martin from Kilmuir shares the heartbreak of losing her baby son.

Produced by Morag Stewart

In the first programme Nanny Kearney from Barra speaks about how she supported her family during Alzheimers and cancer.

In the second programme, Marion MacKay tells us about how she coped when her young son was very ill and the effect it had on the family.

In the third programme Gina MacDonald from North Uist tells us how she faced a situation where Alzheimers affected her husband who was just in his forties.

In the final programme of the series, Ann Martin speaks about the heartbreak of losing her baby boy days after he was born.

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